Lewis Molinaro (born October 29, 1986), also known by the alias Got Slapz, is an American hip-hop and rap producer from California. Originally from Seaside, he is currently active in the underground music scene in the Bay Area and Seaside, California.

Producing History:
Molinaro's debute production with a following music video filmed by Yusef Haroun. Jizzle "Listen To Me" dropped in Jan. of 2011 and is really getting noticed for the professionalism Got Slapz puts into his work, Molinaro has worked with a variety of hip-hop and rap artists, many from the Bay Area and Seaside California, He produced the album for Salinas musician Mr. Capser Lokz 2001 album Salad Bowl Siccness. He's also worked with Seaside artist Coojo the Nytecrawla, producing several tracks on Coojo's albums Puttin in My 2 Centz (2004) and Dirty Situations (2005). Both albums were released on Nytecrawla Reckordz. While producing he's worked directly with such artists as AP9 of the Mob Figaz, Mougabi, Sone-Sone, "O", Wild Bill, Societies Nightmare, Pharo 1, Lil Cuz of K-Nine Records, OEM, Jizzle, Nemesis, Talent, A-steez, KO Pavel, J. Blaze, Champ, Yung Heck the Hood Thug, T-rex, and Nate the Wizzard

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